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Give a long useful life to your coal Can filter by replacing its sleeve. Keep it dust-free and it will keep on breathing as if it were brand new.

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The sleeves of Can filters are essential parts to make sure you filter can keep on filtering air with the highest performance and effectiveness. When the filter sleeve is full of dust the air does not circulate as it ought to, and the extraction flow is reduced. The shirts can be washed up to three times between growing cycles but eventually, they become unusable and must be replaced.

If you do not replace them, air extraction will be restricted, your plants will show symptoms of lack of ventilation and the general production will be drastically reduced. Here, at, you can buy spare parts and new filter sleeves in all sizes for all Can Filters when yours are no longer useful.

We recommend all growers to use sleeves with their filters at all times; so they last for as long as possible.

Available in all sizes of filters by Can Filters.

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