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EnviroClean by VDL is a product designed to clean your grow room after the harvest. It eliminates traces of fungi, mites and eggs of most common insects.

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EnviroClean by VDL will let you clean your grow room and avoid residues of pests, fungi or molds from the previous crop. EnviroClean can be diluted in water and used as a solution to mop the floor, clean the walls or spray the crop.

It is especially indicated to use in grow rooms where there are not plants yet. If there are plants, it is a good idea to remove any vegetal debris.

You can use it in all kind of crops to keep the growing space free from any harmful particle or mites that might have stayed after the harvest.

Also, you can soak a piece of cloth of this solution and use it to clean all your growing utensils as well as lights and ballasts.

You can clean the walls with a cloth or spray EnviroClean and then wash it away/dry with another cloth. You must wait for 30 minutes before drying.

Finally, mop the floor just with water.

It is a simple and effective cleaning product that will give you peace of mind before you start growing since it will eradicate all plagues.

Very easy to use. Effective against mites and all types of spores.

Composition of EnviroClean:

  • Cationic surfactants: 5-15%
  • Aliphatic hydrocarbons: 5-15%

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Category Additional insecticides or fungicides Reference Insecticidas y Fungicidas UPC 37

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