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Use 1kg of soil pesticide to eradicate pests living the substrate of your crops such as thrips and the dark-winged fungus gnat.

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Use a spoon of 1Kg soil pesticide in a 7L pot and forget about any pest living in the soil such as thrips of dark-winged fungus gnat, which spend part of their life-cycle in the soil.

If you add it in your pots as a preventive treatment, you can be sure you won't suffer from this type of pest infestation. If the plague is already there, the product is also effective. This pesticide lasts for a long time since 1kg is an important quantity and the required dose is very low.

It contains Tefluthrin, a compound which lasts quite a long time in the soil.

Dosage and usage:

  • Use 1-2g per 7L or 11L pot mixed with the substrate as a preventive treatment.
  • Use a spoon and pour it all over the soil, mixing it with a stick or similar if you till the soil. It will work increasingly as you water your plants. You'll notice the effects in 7-10 days.

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Category Additional insecticides or fungicides Reference Insecticidas y Fungicidas UPC 37

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