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Sulphur Burner for marijuana growing. Effective against oidium and red spider mite. There is no better remedy against indoor plagues. Works from the first application.

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With this sulphur burner you'll forget about oidium and red spider mites in your marijuana crops.

Oidium and mildew are tiresome pests which can ruin your crops very fast. 

Fungi are able to progress even after harvesting the buds, so you'll have to be very careful if the plague is already settled in your plants to see how it progresses.

If there isn't an infestation, you'll prevent it from happening by applying sulphur from the 4th week. In this way, the plant will absorb this sulphur and it will be very difficult for the fungus or pathogen to proliferate on it.

Use it during the vegetative stage, once a week, for one or two hours (night cycle). On the other hand, you should never use it after the first week of bloom.

If you do a proper use of the device, it will be very effective.

You can check how to use your sulphur burner in the blog of

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