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Natural pyrethrin insecticide by Greendel, very effective against flying insects. It will kill both flying and crawling insects, such as aphids and whiteflies.

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Natural pyrethrin insecticide by Greendel, extracted from chrysanthemum dried flowers. This means you'll be supplying your plants the healthiest and most natural protection against insects and pests.

Very effective against flying and crawling insects in your crops, such as aphids or whiteflies. It acts by contact so you must repeat applications periodically until the pest disappears entirely.

It comes with a dropper lid for an easy application.

Doses and instructions for use:

  • From 0.75 to 1.5ml in 1L of water. Depending on the situation you should repeat the application once a week.
  • Ventilate the room properly before entering.
  • Waiting period: 12 hours.
  • Stop using it 21 days before the harvest to avoid unwanted traces.
  • Suitable for organic agriculture.


  • Natural pyrethrin (extract of pyrethrum) 4% p/v (66g/L), in the form of emulsifiable concentrate (EC)
  • Registered at the R.O.M.P.F
  • Content: 33ml

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Category Greendel insecticides and fungicides Reference Greendel UPC 37

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