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Greendel Acaricide is the perfect alternative to fight persistent infestations of red spider mite. This is usually a very difficult to eradicate insect but now, thanks to this acaricide, it will be very easy for you to do it in a very short time.

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Greendel Acaricide lets you eradicate red spider mite infestations in the blink of an eye. This compound kills the mites by producing a disorder in their feeding system. You must persist in the application of the product and respect a given frequency so that immunities are not developed. 

If your crop is at 25°, you must use it every week. Then, for every degree less, you must add an extra day. That is, for 23 degrees you should spray every 9 days. The maximum delay between applications is 14 days. From 25° or more, application should take place on a weekly basis.

Add 1-1.5ml per L of water, spraying the underside of the leaves at the hour when solar exposure is lower, that is, at dawn for the outdoors or just before lights are turned off in indoor crops. This is done to prevent the product from drying too quickly so that plants can absorb it properly. If you can apply it with very cold water the effect of the product will be boosted, killing the mites faster.

It contains Abamectin (1.8%), a compound widely used against red spider mite in cannabis crops.

Stop using the product at least 21 days before the harvest to avoid traces of chemicals in the product which might hinder the taste, flavor or aspect of your precious weed.

Recommended Doses of Greendel Acaricide:

  • 1-1.5ml per L of water.

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