Anti Mildew and Rust Spray by Greendel


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Anti Mildew and Rust Fungicide Spray by Greendel. You can use it to attack pests but you'd better employ it as a preventive treatment.

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Anti Mildew and Rust fungicide spray by Greendel is a much faster and more convenient way of applying this powerful product which will eradicate undesired fungi very quickly. Thanks to this handy applicator, killing these fungi will become a much simpler and more pleasant task.

If your crops already suffer from a mildew attack and you have already seen the hideous stains or white powdery circles on the leaves of your plants, you are going to have to use it more often to control the disease.

Spray this product every 20 days as a preventive treatment or every 7 days as a curing one. Stop using it 15 days before harvesting. Try not to soak your buds in excess to avoid rots due to excessive moisture.

Specifications of anti-mildew and rust Greendel spray:

  • Brand: Greendel
  • Model: anti-mildew and rust
  • Propiconazole 0.6% p/v (6g/L)
  • Authorized for domestic outdoor gardening
  • Pack with 650ml of solution


  • 1-2ml per every 1L of water

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Category Greendel insecticides and fungicides Reference Greendel UPC 37

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