Greendel Insecticide - Anti Plant Louse, Cochineal and Caterpillar Spray


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Greendel Insecticide Spray prevents the appearance of plant louses, cochineals and caterpillars in your crops. New spray format for fast and convenient application.

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Insecticide Spray by Greendel is ready to fight plant louses, cochineals and caterpillars.  It will help you prevent the appearance of such pests in our plants. It comes ready to be sprayed on your plants, with no previous preparation. Since it is so concentrated, a single monthly application will suffice to control all kinds of infestations. It is extremely strong, which makes it ideal for outdoor plants. Its micro-encapsulated formulation gives it a long lasting effect since microcapsules adhere to the legs of insects, producing their quick destruction and leaving them defenseless. 

It contains micro-encapsulated Chlorpyrifos. This makes insects will be attacked externally by contact and internally by ingestion.

Allow for a minimum waiting period of 25 days from the last application to the harvest. Each spray contains 650ml.

WARNING! This is a very toxic product. It must NEVER get in contact with cooking utensils nor with any food. Do not use it in the presence of animals or other people. Do not apply on roughened surfaces, carpets or wood. Never mix it with other chemical products. Do not breathe the spraying cloud since the respiratory tract could become irritated. Read carefully the label on the bottle.

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