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Square pots in hard and resistant plastic. Since they have no pores at all, cleaning is easy. Black and white containers available in every size.

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These are the ideal pots for growing marijuana since they can be cleaned easily quite often (they are smooth and have no pores). Plants will adopt the shape of the pot while roots will be safe from light thanks to the thick walls.

Put some expanded clay at the bottom to prevent flooding and get healthier plants.

The smallest ones (7x7 cm and 9x9cm) are made of a softer plastic, similar to the Jiffy seedbed. From 1L onwards, they are all made of hard plastic so their service-life is quite long. You can use them over and over again and leave them as if they were brand new by simply washing them, since they are not porous at all. Available in several colors and sizes (from 7x7cm ones to 11L ones).

White pots are only available in the following sizes: 5L, 7L and 11L.

There are special offers in 3.5L, 5L, 7L and 11L, depending on the number of units you buy.

  • 3.5L- 180 units (Full box) 10% OFF
  • 5L- 126 units (Full box) 10% OFF
  • 7L- 112 units (Fulll box) 10% OFF
  • 11L - 90 units (2 Boxes) 10% OFF

Choose your pots and mark how many units you want in the corresponding cell to enjoy this offer.

Dimensions of square pots:

  • 7x7x9cm 0.4L
  • 9x9x11cm 0.7L
  • 11x11x12cm 1L
  • 13x13x13cm 2L
  • 15x15x18cm 3,5L
  • 18x18x25cm 5L
  • 20x20x26cm 7L
  • 22x22x27cm 11L

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