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These tables are perfect for draining extra water after watering your plants – it’s perfect for hydroponic systems.

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These grey growing tables work by channeling all leftover water from your plants down a drain.

You’ll need to incline the table itself just a bit so that the water goes down the train (thanks to our friend gravity). You can make your own stand for this table using the growing table legs we have in stock.

The best idea is to place a water tank underneath the draining hole so that you can collect the leftover water. If you’re growing using soil then you’ll want to get rid of that water, maybe for your other plants in your actual garden. However, if you grow hydroponically, you can definitely make the most out of the drain.

To do this, place your slabs in the table and place your tank and irrigation system underneath – once the water has drained out of the slabs it will go back to the tank. This is one of the most simple hydroponic set-ups.

You can grow using coco coir slabs or rockwool in these kinds of tables. If you’re using coco coir don’t reuse the water as it can sometimes block the pipes with little bits of substrate. We recommend using a spreader mat for watering in order to avoid issues with fungi.

We also sell specific filters for the drain on these tables – this will allow you to filter cleaner water and it’ll also open up space for another pot in the tray.

Available in various sizes:

  • 333 x 1100mm
  • 630 x 1100mm
  • 1030 x 1100mm
  • 1100 x 2035mm

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