Diamond Eco Reflective Sheeting


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Diamond Eco Reflective Sheeting will help you redirect light from the walls to the sides of your plants.

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Now, you can enjoy more reflectivity power for your plants, with a mirror shine brought by Diamond Eco reflective sheeting.

This material will reflect most of the lumens produced by your bulb and sent to the walls of your grow room, making it bounce and redirecting it towards the foliage of your plants. This is translated into larger productions in lateral branches, a better uniformity in height and structure, which will give us a better global yield.

When it comes to put it in place and fix it to the walls, we'll have to be particularly careful to ensure it stays well tight and avoid creasing. The TuCultivo team recommends cleaning it between one crop and the next one to keep it as if it were brand new.


  • 1.20m high by (linear meters to be chosen)

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