Mylar Diamond Reflective Sheeting.


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If you want your cultivation to be undetectable by thermal cameras and get your plants to develop much better, choose Mylar Diamond reflective sheeting.

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When we line our grow room with Mylar Diamond reflective sheeting we're covering our walls and ceiling with prime quality reflective material, able to make more than 90% of the light bounce off, thanks to its structure consisting of small reflective pyramids.

Bounced light is redirected towards the leaves of your plants and, as you know, the more light they get, the better and the larger final production will be.

Since so much light is bounced, walls almost don't heat up which makes your grow room undetectable by thermal cameras. However, keep in mind that you'll also have to line the ceiling and the entire walls.

Besides making you undetectable, the great advantage of this reflective sheeting is it can be fixed with staples since we all know how tedious it is to stick it with duct tape. Staples will give it a professional finish and it won't fall down never.


  • 125cm x metres to be chosen, cut by the meter

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