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This waterproof plastic film is handy in situations where you don’t want any excess water getting through onto the ground or getting into wood and causing rot.

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This waterproof plastic film covers pretty much any surface without any issues – it’s perfect if you’re sick of having to mop up all that excess water on your balcony, especially if it tends to fall down onto your neighbors balcony. It can also be used in grows with automatic watering, in case of any possible leaks.

Place it on the ground and rest assured that no humidity will get through. You can use it to cover all kinds of surfaces, such as wood indoors or any other surface such as tables etc, allowing you to keep a clean work environment.

White, practical and easy to afford waterproof plastic; pricing is 1m long x 4m wide. You can get in contact with us to get as long a sheet you need. It’s the thickest plastic on the market.


  • 4m wide and however long needed.

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Category Reflective Sheeting Reference Plástico anti agua EAN13 16063021 UPC 30

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