All-mix Plagron. Fertilized Substrate Plagron 100% Bio

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A substrate where you can plant from beginning to end of the cultivation and simply adding  regulated pH water. We recommend fertilizing to increase harvests.

Brand Plagron
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All Mix by Plagron 50 liters is a substrate of the best quality with which you will be able to do a culture from beginning to end and simply adding water to the soil. This cultivation system works well with 60 day fast autoflowering seeds as White Dwarf and similar genetics in 11 liter pots. For slower plants we recommend fertilizers by Plagron Algas in order to obtain a very tasteful and natural product.

If you want to make the most of your feminized seasonal plants, you will also have to add more fertilizers during the flowering phase, mainly in the fattening phase; a good PK will help them compact and fatten all their buds. If we use it from the beginning, the food usually lasts for about 30 days, depending on the size and the phase the plant is.

This substrate does retain quite moisture, so we do not recommend it in humid zones and we do recommend it for those growers who live in warmer areas where the substrate gets dry more often; with this soil you will have solved that problem.

Available in 50l format.

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