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Bat Guano by Plagron is a flowering fertilizer of slow absorption. Add Bat-Guano to your plants when you place them in the definitive pot so that it will be available when buds strat fattening.

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Bat-Guano by Plagron is a slow action fertilizer for the last part of the bloom. Bat-Guano is added to the substrate when you transplant your plants into flowering pots, where it will be available after about one month, when buds begin to gain weight and your crop starts looking nice.

This product is a dry granulate to mix with the substrate or to be applied as a thin layer around the stems.  It will dissolve slowly in the soil when you water them. You should not mix it with water. We will never put Bat-Guano in our irrigation tank.

When we want to add some more phosphorus and potassium for the fattening phase of our plants there are not many organic fertilizers we can use. Bat-Guano is fully natural and contains a high dose of PK that will be very helpful during the last flowering weeks. Keep in mind that our plants take about one month to begin to absorb it and therefore, we will have to mix it with our soil just when we set them to flower or right from the beginning if we have automatic plants. When the flowering phase approaches, plants will have that extra PK provided by guano and will reach their maximum weight without obstacles. We should not exceed the recommended dose as we take the risk of over fertilizing our plants.

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Add guano to your substrate and mix it directly. The dose is two tablespoons per 7l pot.
  • If we have long flowering plants, we can repeat the application one month after the first application. Make a furrow around the trunk of the plant and put the guano in there.Then, cover it so that the plant can absorb it.

Composition of Bat-Guano by Plagron:

  • 100& Bat guano.

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