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Coco bricks which, when wet, grow to five times their size, filling pots of up to 10L.

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With these coco bricks you can fill up your 10L flowerpot with just one brick. They need preparation beforehand; you’ll need to leave each one to soak in about 2-3l of water, either osmosis or distilled water, for around a half an hour. Once the water is absorbed, your brick will have been turned into coco substrate that can be used straight away or mixed with other substrates.

The most important thing is to drain the coco properly before using, ensuring that you get rid of the excess water.

Another advantage this format has is that it’s a simple and extremely practical way to transport a lot of substrate to wherever you need it, as well as being discreet; you’ll look much less suspicious with some bricks than with a few sacks of substrate, right? And these bricks have the added benefit of fitting into small, tight spaces, making them super easy to transport or store.

If you’re a coco substrate grower, then you’ll need to use a nutrient range designed specifically for coco growers; good thing we have a wide range of options here at

These bricks have the exact same characteristics as conventional coco substrate, making them just as effective as any coco 50L sack.

Quantity per brick:

  • 10 pressed liters

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