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Coco Mix 50 liters. Perfect relation air/water for an explosive root growth that will improve your production of bud dry weight.

Brand Biobizz
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Coco Mix by BioBizz 50l substrate is an inert medium to grow our plants, this means that the roots will grow in an environment deprived of nutrients and bacterial life. This is why this can be defined as the inter-way between soil and hydroponic, because the roots have much more availability of oxygen around them, which lets them grow much faster, besides receiving nutrients in every irrigation with a controlled pH and EC that help increase our production up to 15-20%.

We will need specific fertilizers to grow in this substrate but we will have crops very similar to hydroponics with cultivation very similar to that on soil. As we said above it is a growing medium that has the right air/moisture proportion so that our plants root to the maximum and be comfortable.

To obtain incredible productions of high quality we will have to be accurate when controlling the water pH and EC levels but the effort is always worth at the end. In every watering you will have to let escape about 10% of the water you give the pot so that it can drag out the salt remains of previous irrigations.

Soil growing lovers can also add Coco by BioBizz to the usual substrate to get more aeration or less water retention and avoid fungus problems in the culture.

This bag is only available in 50l format with possibility of inconspicuous and safe shipping. You will just have to select it at the combination tab.

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