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Coco Slabs to grow marihuana. You will simply have to put the slab on the table, puncture the drippers and place your cuttings or seedlings. Perfect to realize a neat, comfortable and easy grow.

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Coco Slabs by Canna are made to grow marihuana easily and smoothly. You just have to put the lab on the cultivation table, puncture the drippers and transplant your cuttings. This new grow system allows the cultivation of a lot of plants in reduced spaces and to increase your cultivations.

To use it, simply put the packet, unopened, on a cultivation tray on in a special pot for slabs with the pre-perforated face downwards. We will puncture one dripper per plant and will cut an X where we will introduce our cuttings. We will hydrate the slab with a nutritive solution of low concentration of fertilizers and the recommended dose of root stimulator.

Make sure there is a correct drainage in your installation and that the water excess drains well. Check all the drippers and all joints a couple of times to avoid annoyances as, if the slabs dry out or are waterlogged, your plants may have problems. Besides that it is convenient to check regularly whether there is still some solution of nutrients so that the pumps do not suffer and break down due to a lack of liquid.

The Coco Slabs by Canna contain coco fiber of the best quality that have been treated and cleaned; they do not contain mineral salts or any type of pathogens. They provide an ideal medium to the roots of your plants; though they retain a considerable amount of water they are always aired and leave your plants permanently access to fresh air.

Indications for Coco Slabs by Canna:

  • Put the unopened packet on a cultivation tray with drainage or in a pot for slabs with the perforated part downwards.
  • Puncture the drippers and cut an X where you want to put every plant.
  • Hydrate the slab with a solution low in nutrients with root stimulator until 1/5 of the liquid drains off the Coco Slab by Plagron.
  • Introduce the rooted seedlings in the X cuts you made when you put the drippers.

Control your regulation system to avoid a liquid excess or that your Coco Slab may completely dry out completely.

Composition of Coco Slabs by Canna:

  • 100% coco fibre free of mineral salt and pathogens.
  • Medium for 100% organic cultivation.

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