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2000 units of Jiffy’s discs made of compact peat, ideal to make cuttings and germinate seeds.

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When we do not know what they are we tend to distrust but when we know how to manage them, 33mm Jiffies are very useful for cannabis growers. They are a fantastic growing way that in addition to its ability to germinate seeds you can make and root your cuttings directly in them. When planting the stems directly in the peat your plants avoid the possible stress that may go with transplants; in this way, from there they will go straight to the pot.

Using them is something very easy. You just have to put them in a container with water until they absorb, swell and adopt a cylindrical shape in about 5-10 minutes. Then, the key step consists in draining the water excess without squeezing too strong, or by simple inertia, and they will be ready for you to put in your cuttings or your sprouted seeds.

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