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Worm humus is an organic solid fertilizer with which your plants will develop fully during their growth phase in a 100% natural way.

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JBQ Worm Humus is a solid fertilizer that provides a spectacular growth to any type of plant which will reflect in the intense green of their leaves, strong and robust stems while using a cultivation method totally ecological. It is a concentrate of worm feces that add macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, a good amount of antagonist bacterial life and humic and fulvic acids.

It is a fertilizer for the growth phase and it is very important during the stretching phase in pre-flowering that will help your plant in the formation of their roots and will add a good amount of nitrogen that will make your plants grow as ever.

Worm Humus is used in a number of culture types, of any vegetable or plant thanks to the fact that it leaves no residues in our harvests that can damage their final quality by altering the taste. By using worm humus we are sure we give our plants what they need in their growth phase without putting aside a 100% biological way culture.

We can use it when recycling substrates by mixing it abundantly up to 20-30%. It gives back the soil a darker look, almost like a newly opened bag of new soil. We do not recommend this practice indoors especially, where we look for maximal production with minimal inversion. We could do it outdoors but it will always be better to begin with a new swamp soil.

Available in 3, 15, 25 and 40 liter bags.

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