Rockwool cubes for cuttings 5x5x5 cm.


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Rockwool cubes to germinate your seeds or root your cuttings and then transplant them to a rockwool slab.

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5x5x5cm rockwool cubes area a rooting medium that works wonderfully when it is used properly. It has an artificial molecular structure that makes it ideal for rooting since it has an air/water combination that converts its root formation into spectacular.

The most common mistake among growers consists in squeezing it out to drain it as it repels by itself the water excess and it just needs a little shake by inertia to remove the water excess without the need for tightening the cube. We will always have to leave them soaking for 24h in water with pH regulated to 5.5 since it normally comes with a very high pH.

Once the growing medium is correctly prepared we will be ready to put the seeds to the required depth and nail the cuttings firmly to prevent them from moving. These cubes are for sale by unit.

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