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Heavy-Mix by Top Crop is a substrate loaded with specific nutrients for our plants that saves fertilizing.

Brand Top Crop
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Heavy-Mix by Top Crop is a complete substrate that comes loaded with nutrients. It includes Top Vulcan so that you plants can bear anything and Super guano for a super fattening of buds. With these components in the growing medium using a lot of fertilizers with the watering will not be necessary, though you can add the growth stimulator Green Explosion and the flowering stimulator Big One to improve the performance of your crop. During the flowering phase use a base as Top Bloom to ensure your plant has all the necessary macro-nutrients and microelements.

It is a substrate that will help you a lot to grow plants with organic manure. Heavy-Mix is ideal for autoflowering plants and cuttings that blossom directly since in about one month guano will start to be available for your plant and will cover its needs just when it begins flowering. In addition to the strength that Top Vulcan gives it, a much thicker cell wall will make your plants resist much better the higher temperatures of indoor growing.

At best, you may add a flowering base and will get a good crop without doing anything else but controlling its pH. Besides that it is very well priced in the manured substrate section.

Instructions for use of Heavy-Mix by Top Crop:

  • Fill the pots with Heavy-Mix by slightly pressing it with your hands to avoid air pockets, but do not compact it too much because if we do it, it will retain too much water and will not allow a correct aeration.
  • You can add a layer of 2cm of expanded clay pebbles at the bottom to improve the drainage of the pots.
  • You can mix it with expanded clay pebbles, perlite or coco fibre to improve the substrate aeration even more.

Composition of Heavy-Mix by Top Crop:

  • Blonde peat
  • Black peat
  • Coco Fibre
  • Lava powder
  • Bat guano
  • Expanded clay

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