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Canna Terra Profesional by Canna is a substrate with high levels of nitrogen that allows a fast vegetative development of your plants. It is ideal for the growth phase.

Brand Canna
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Canna Terra Profesional by Canna is a substrate made of enriched soil with high levels of nitrogen to enhance a fast vegetative development of your plants. It is commonly used during the growth phase, but it is also used by growers who prefer to add the nutrients in the irrigation water.

With a perfect mix of peats, natural mosses and perlite that combines an optimal aeration with moderate good water retention. We will create an environment that looks very much to the one the roots of you plant would find in nature.

It contains microorganisms beneficial for your plants that live in a natural way in the land and have developed a symbiotic relation while sharing nutrients in both directions and exchanging benefits mutually.

It is convenient to put an inert material at the bottom of our pots or containers as a drainage mode to ensure that the water will not accumulate, which might be fatal for our plants.

Canna Terra Profesional by Canna is a substrate that retains little water and does not soak easily, so we recommend watering again when the pot is lightweight but we can still see it is slightly wet. Do not not let it get dried out nor too soaked.

It is a very good soil for automatic strains that allows a fast beginning and perfectly supports flowering fertilizers. You will get plants with big resinous buds of extraordinary sizes in a record time.

Soil ready to use. You just have to fill in your pots and sow the seeds, water and wait.

Mode of use of Canna Terra Profesional by Canna:

  • Put some clay pebbles, perlite or coco fibre at the bottom of the container to ensure a good drainage.
  • Introduce the soil directly from the bag or mix it previously with some of the material you used for the drainage that retains water as you like it.
  • Press softly on the soil so that it fits without large air voids and also to avoid the water can drag the soil out of the container.
  • Avoid weighing the substrate as it would mean a source of problems for the development of your plants.
  • Fill in if necessary and repeat the last operation.
  • Your containers are already prepared to be used with seeds or cuttings.

Composition of Canna Terra Profesional by Canna:

NKP 12-14-24

  • Sphagnum peat.
  • Perlite.
  • Inorganic compound fertilizer.



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