Light Grow Tent Kit M

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With the medium-sized Light grow tent, you’ll be able to give your plants the perfect micro-climate that they need, resulting in large yields in the comfort of your very own home.

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  • This kit is exactly what you need for your plants, allowing you to get amazingly efficient yields in the comfort of your own house.

With this kit you can get large yields in quite a small area and in the most discreet way possible wherever you’d like. You can grow plants from start to finish, grow mother plants or even dry your buds after harvesting.

When you receive your kit you’ll find a TT Dual extractor with two speeds in order to adjust the air flow to your needs, depending on if your plants are in their growth period or flowering period. It also includes a helical extractor that you should use as an intractor so that your plants have plenty of fresh air.

It also includes an anti-odor carbon filter that’ll make your grow even more discreet, as no nosy neighbors will be sniffing about.

It comes with an electronic timer to adjust the lights so that they turn on and off automatically, as well as a reflector with a socket, bulb and ballast, as well as cultibox pulleys to make things even easier.

The Light Grow Tent M kit includes:

  • 1 Cultibox Light Grow Tent 1x1x2m (silver).
  • 1 2 speed TT Dual Extractor TT-100 (145-187m3/h).
  • 1 Helical Extractor 100 (100m3/h).
  • 1 anti-odor Odor-Sock filter 125/300mm inlet (225m3/h).
  • 1 analogue timer.
  • 1 set of cultibox pulleys.
  • 1 ETI 400w compact ballast, or Magnetic Xtrasun 600w ballast with 1.5m Plug & Play cable. (Choose above)
  • 1 Argolite SHP 400w bulb or Xtrasun Mixed 600w bulb.
  • 1 HT smooth reflector with socket.
  • Plastic reducer 125/100

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