Complete Grow Tent Kit (80 x 80 x 160 cm)


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This Grow Tent Kit comes with a complete grow tent, thought up by our team here at growbarato. You’ll get the best accessories at the best price, allowing you to provide your plants with the best possible climate.

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Complete Grow Tent Kit is a pack designed by us so you can get the best components at the best price while providing your plants with the best possible climate. A grow kit that will provide the necessary space and climate so that your plants can grow to the best of their ability.

We’ve put together a kit with a sturdy tent whose interior reflects lots of light. It’s made from a first-class, thick canvas covered with a hammertone Mylar lining, capable of reflecting up to 87% of the light from your bulb. Here's a list of the other items you'll get with this kit:

A 400w lighting kit with an ETI 2 ballast, safer than the ETI1 in regards to its fire-resistant box. It comes with the cables, ready to plug them in.

A VK Vents 100mm extractor, powerful enough to renew the tent’s air once per minute, so your tent won’t get hotter than the air outside.

 An intake fan to draw fresh air in for your grow - this is almost as important as the extractor. It also comes with 5m of tubes so you can make the ventilation ducting and the required reducer for the filter.

A timer to control the lights. Without this device, it would be very hard to induce flowering in your grow, as well as meaning that you'd have to do it manually.

A thermo-hygrometer to control the temperature and to know how high up your lights need to be - this is extremely important so as to not burn the tips of your plants.

An active-carbon filter to avoid any odors coming out of the grow tent. Without it, you can bet neighbors or curious people will be knocking at your door. Even worse, it could be thieves or the police.

An Easy Rollers kit to conveniently install the lighting, and the plugs and cables necessary for the extractors.

The Complete Grow Tent Kit includes:

  • 1x Grow Tent (0.80m x 0.80m x 1.6m)
  • 400w lighting kit ETI2 with Agrolite.
  • 1x VK Vents 100mm extractor, 230 m3/h
  • 1x Plastic reducer 100/125
  • 1x Koa filter 125/200 270m³
  • 1x In-line intake fan 100 107m3/h
  • 5m of 102mm tubes
  • 1x Analogue timer
  • 1x Digital thermo-hygrometer
  • 1x Easy Rollers kit
  • 5m of cables for extractors
  • 2x plugs for extractors

The picture does not correspond to this kit. You can check the components in our catalogue.

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