Cultibox Open Grow Tent Kit (1.2 x 1.2 x 2 m)


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Cultibox Open Kit is the most complete and economical kit in our shop. The best materials chosen to make the most of your indoor plants.

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The Cultibox Open kit is the most complete and economical kit in our shop, made of the best materials chosen to make the most of your indoor plants. We’ve made this kit for you with the best quality/price ratio materials in our shop, so you’ll be completely satisfied with your purchase and have a quality indoor crop.

The Cultibox Open grow tent comes with a very resistant and opaque canvas. It’s made of first-class aluminium, able to bear the whole weight of all your accessories.

The interior will reflect the 90% of the light that will bounce off its walls. Its main advantage is that the Cultibox Open has windows on all its sides, providing an easy access to all the plants inside the tent.

A 600W lighting kit with a ETI2 ballast, which comes with the required cables, very easy to install in your grow tent.

A 100mm VK Vents type extractor that will take out the bulb-induced warm air, able to strongly suck out the air through the carbon anti-odor filter.

It also includes an in-take fan to draw in fresh air for your crops, refrigerating and renewing the CO2 at the same time.

5m-long aluminium tube to connect the filter to the extractor and draw the air out.

With the timer, you’ll provide the necessary hours of light to grow or flower not having to check the time every now and then.

With the thermo-hygrometer, you’ll know if you’re keeping the correct values for their growth or flowering.

With the Easy Rollers pulleys you’ll place the reflector at the desired height, adjusting it very comfortably and easily.

A kit with which your plants will grow and flower in all its glory.

The complete Cultibox Open kit includes:

  • 1x Cultibox Open grow tent 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m
  • 1x 600W ETI2 lighting kit with Agrolite
  • 1x VK Vents 100mm extractor, 250 m3/h
  • 1x Koa filter 125/200 270m³
  • 1x In-line intake fan 100 107m3/h
  • 1x 5m-long aluminium tube (102mm)
  • 1x Plastic reducer 100/125
  • 1x Analogue timer
  • 1x Digital thermo-hygrometer
  • 1x Easy Rollers kit
  • 5m-long cable for extractors
  • 2x plugs for extractors

The picture does not correspond to this kit. You can see the components and their specifications in our catalogue.

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