Cultibox SG-Combi M Grow Tent Kit

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Cultibox SG-Combi M Grow Tent Kit is a complete kit meant for indoors that comes with the Cultibox SG grow tent. You can assemble it to another of the same size in order to create a larger, more customized space.

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Cultibox SG-Combi M Grow Tent Kit is a complete grow tent kit that comes with the Cultibox SG Combi tent. It can be attached to another tent to customize your grow space.

With this kit, you’ll have a quality tent, fully equipped and ready to start growing your favorite plant. You will have the ideal climate where your plants will grow under the best possible conditions. It includes a Cooltube lighting kit to keep your grow nice and cool.

This fantastic pack for indoor growing is equipped with first-class components that will provide the best conditions for your plants. It's easy to assemble and in a few hours you will be ready to start growing in the privacy of your home.

It comes with all you need to start growing indoors, like the Cultibox SG-Combi grow tent, that is entirely opaque so that no external light can contaminate your plants. Inside the tent, you'll need to install the ventilation system as well as the lighting kit, integrated via the Cooltube, to keep the indoor temperature at a proper level.

We’ll connect the end of the tube to the carbon filter, which will be joined to the Cool Tube Glass 125, installed previously, and then we’ll attach a tube segment that will connect with the exterior of the tent, where we’ll place the two-speed TT Dual TT-125 extractor fan.

Another tube segment will be used to take air into our tent with the in-line extractor. Drawing fresh air in is as important as taking the saturated air out.

It also comes with convenient Easy Roll pulleys and all the necessary cables and plugs for the installation.

Cultibox SG-Combi M Grow Tent Kit includes:

  • 2x Easy Roll Pulleys
  • 1x Odor-Sock anti-odor filter, opening 125/300mm (330m3/h).
  • 1x Two-speed TT-125 Dual Extractor (220-280m3/h)
  • 1x Helical Extractor (100)
  • 1x Digital timer by Cornwall Electronics
  • 1x Digital Thermo-hygrometer Max-Min with probe by Cornwall
  • 2x 4.8mm White Plugs
  • 5x White Hoses (3 wires of 1.5mm)
  • 1x Plain/hammertone reflector
  • 1x Cool Tube Glass 125.
  • 1x Class 2 ETI 400 W ballast
  • 1x AgroliteSHP 400W bulb
  • 1X Cultibox SG-Combi M Grow Tent Kit 100x100x200cm
  • 1x 125mm Aluminium Tube (5m)

Possibility to choose a 600W Xtrasun lighting kit for 20€ more.

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