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Grow Tent Set Light L, ideal for growing marijuana indoors with all the needed accessories in order to provide your plants with the best possible climate.

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This grow kit is perfect for growing marijuana indoors. It comes with all the necessary tools to provide your plants with the best environment possible.

You will receive a Cultibox Light (1.2x1.2x2m) grow tent, which can fit a large number of plants; enough to smoke all year round.

It comes with a 600W lighting kit, with a bulb suitable for both growth and flowering, allowing you to do the complete cycle with a single bulb.

A ventilation system comprised of a one-fan VK Vents extractor that provides suction that will let you use an active-carbon filter is also included.

It also includes an in-line fan that you can use as an intake, driving fresh air into the tent to help your plants grow, as well as a timer to control the lights depending on the stage.

It comes with pulleys to hang your reflector, easily raising or lowering it to the desired height without any difficulty and avoiding the use of ropes or chains to keep it in place. In short, a complete grow tent to provide the best home for your plants.

The Grow Tent Set Light L includes:

  • 1x Cultibox Light 120 x 120 x 200 (silver) grow tent
  • 1x 600W Xtrasun ballast
  • 1x 600 W Xtrasun SHP bulb
  • 1x Plug & Play Xtrasun reflector
  • 1x VK Vents 100 tube extractor (250 m3/h)
  • 1x Helical extractor fan 100 (100m3/h) by Cornwall Electronics
  • 1x Koa anti-odor filter, 125/200mm 270m3
  • 1x 125mm to 100mm reducer
  • 1x digital timer by Cornwall Electronics
  • 1x Cultibox brake pulley (2uds.)

It does not include any cable for the extractors nor the aluminium ducting. They must be purchased separately.

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