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Cultibox SG-Combi Grow Kit S; this growing kit is perfect for growing indoors and increasing size later on when you have more experience, as this tent can be combined with another to increase space.

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This growing kit is a complete combination of all items you’ll need to grow indoors, as well as having the advantage that you can attach another tent to the first one in order to increase your growing space – with this kit you can give your plants the best possible climate.

It’s extremely easy to set up, and you’ll have it going in no time the same day it’s delivered!

With this kit you can easily grow amazing cannabis plants thanks to the fact that this tent is made out of top quality materials. It can easily be attached to another tent of the same size and brand, easily doubling your available space and personalizing it too.

In this kit you’ll find everything you need in order to start growing as soon as you set it up, such as ventilation, lighting and an odor filter.

This kit’s perfect if you want to grow a few plants or a mother plant, or even for rooting clones. Your plants will love it here!

The Cultibox SG Combi Grow Kit S includes:

  • 2 easy rollers
  • 1 Anti-odor Odor-Sock filter 100/300mm inlet (225m3/h)
  • 1 TT-Dual 2 speed extractor TT-100 (145-187m3/h)
  • 1 helical extractor 100
  • Cornwall Electronics digital timer
  • 1 Thermos-hygrometer Max-Min Digital Cornwall – no probe
  • 2 white plugs 4.8mm
  • 5 white tubes (3 cables x 1.5mm)
  • 1 reflector smooth/hammertome with socket
  • 1 Class 2 ETI 250w ballast
  • 1 Argolite SHP 250w bulb
  • 1 Cultibox SG-Combi 0.8x0.8x1.6m grow tent.

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