Cool Tube 150mm Lighting Kit

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This Lighting Kit comes with a Cool Tube reflector to lower the temperature in your grow room, improving the quality of your crop.

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light power. Without the Cool Tube you’d burn your plants but, thanks to this wonderful invention, they’ll be safe during the hottest months or in small spaces.

The extraction air will pass through the bulb, taking away all the heat emitted by the lamp. In addition to lowering the temperature a few degrees during the hottest months, you can get closer the lamps closer to the plants during the colder ones.

It’s available in several powers and different ballast qualities. You can choose between several electronic and magnetic models. The electronic ballasts are more efficient than the electromagnetic ones. The higher the power, the larger the crop area it will cover and the more production you’ll get.

The bulb is also very important for your crop because, depending on its color , your plants will behave in one way or another during each stage. There are bulbs for the growth, for the flowering and even dual ones, so you’ll enjoy a completely customized equipment.

The Cool Tube has a 150mm diameter, ideal for large crops with a good number of devices and a good extraction.

Be sure to remove the protective plastic sticker that comes with the reflector before you turn it on.


  • One ballast to choose from several electronic and magnetic models and several powers.
  • One light bulb to choose from several brands and spectra.
  • A 150mm Cool Tube.
  • Connection cables. If the ballast has Plug & Play connection, we include the required cable and plug.

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