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Bio Bizz Starter Pack includes all its line of 100% organic fertilizers in a box, with which your guaranteed to get the best taste, with the best nutrients for your plants.

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BioBizz Starters Pack is a box with all the organic fertilizers needed to do a 100% organic crop. With the products it contains, you will have enough for 1m² of indoor grows and for 2 or 3 plants outdoors. You will even have some Bio-Grow and Top-Max for the next crop.

You should cultivate with organic fertilizers so that your productions have the best flavor. With the Starter Pack Kit from BioBizz you will have the best organic fertilizers for your plants, with top quality ingredients, you will get the best yields that you have ever seen with these organic fertilizers.

Root-Juice serves to form the roots from the beginning of the plants' life cycle with which it will be fed and will absorb all the nutrients that are administered.

Bio-Grow is the growth fertilizer that gives the plant the necessary nutrients to start forming and grow strong and healthy.

Bio Heaven will make the soil come alive and will prevent stress from eating, deficiencies, over-fertilizing and many other crop problems.

Top Max is a fattener that gives you essential sugars to start forming the flowers and fattening the buds considerably.

Bio Bloom is the base fertilizer for the flowering phase, that changes the proportions of NPK in the diet to get some amazing results.

In short, everything you need to get succulent harvests of fantastic buds with an excellent quality can be found by following the simple grow chart from BioBizz.

It also has a measuring glass so you know the dose of fertilizer that you are administering in your irrigation water.

The BioBizz Pack includes:

  • TOP MAX 0.5L
  • BIO HEAVEN 0.25L
  • ROOT JUICE 0.25 L

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