Microscope with stand 60x-80x-100x with light


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This is not a microscope, it’s THE MICROSCOPE, in capitals! You’ll see the trichomes of your plants almost 1 by 1 and the spider mites will look like Godzilla!

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The microscope with a stand with 60x 80x 100x with light, is one of the best that you can find since it is totally adjustable at each magnification, and you can use it to see small things, very small, microscopic!

It has a light that points towards the specimen, and a wheel for focusing better and seeing with increased clarity the smallest things you can imagine.

You will see why it is our favorite, but also because it is a microscope you won’t regret purchasing, it seems almost unthinkable that you could see something so tiny as trichomes

It has a stand that holds the microscope and the specimen being observed, but to better see your living plants, you can remove it from the stand and use it in its hand-held mode.

It works with 2 batteries that do not come included, but they are the smaller ones of the larger batteries, which you can find anywhere without any problem.

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Category Microscopes and magnifying glasses Reference Microscopio 60 80 100 EAN13 10053015 UPC 28

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