00 Box Medium cedar box with kief screen


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With the 00 BOX you can cure your marijuana in some of the best Cedar wood, and apart from that, this box will gather the trichomes from your beloved buds and store it for you.

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The 00 BOX is a Cedar box designed for the correct drying and curing of your marijuana, with a screen at the bottom of the box, that filters the more mature trichomes that are let off the buds during the curing process. A passive extraction, or the sought after double 00, 00

It also includes a hygrometer for controlling the humidity, along with a humidifier. They aren’t recognized as the best product in Spain and the second best in Europe at the European Products Award by Highlife for nothing. 

While your precious buds cure, the trichomes that fall from them will drop through a 136 microns screen, which is why only the finest and best quality kief will pass. It falls into a compartment at the base of the box, which has a piece of glass that lets you gather your kief quickly and easily.

So that your bud isn’t too dry, it has a humidifier inside and a hygrometer outside, so that you always know how your bud is doing on the inside of the box without having to open the box and lose terpenes. 

  • Made of high transpiration Cedar Wood
  • Dimensions of the medium box: 22 x 32.5 x 10.6 cm
  • Ideal humidity should be about 60%.

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Category Post-harvest items Reference Box Mediana EAN13 06023009 UPC 22

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