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The Gasolinator is a tube used for extracting resin using the butane gas method. Effective and efficient.

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The Gasolinator is a pure gas extraction system with which you’ll need to use butane gas (typically used to fill lighters) in order to dissolve the THC into wax. Fill it up with weed, pack it in very cautiously and then simply pump in the butane.

The lower part has a small filter, which is where your extract will go through so that it doesn’t become contaminated with bits of weed. After a few uses, the filter will begin to get a bit backed up, so you’ll need to replace it – you can use a simple coffee filter. Pour out the resulting gas and resin mix and then purge the gas out in order to have smokeable material.

Make sure to follow every single safety precaution possible; this process is extremely dangerous and needs to be done in a ventilated area, preferably outdoors.


35.5cm long, 6cm diameter.

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Category Post-harvest items Reference Gasolinator extraccion con gas EAN13 06136056 UPC 22

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