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With Secret Shaker, you will extract a large amount of dry hash with just a small investment. Extract the resin from your buds or dry leaves very easily. 

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With the fantastic Secret Shaker resin extractor, it will be easier to obtain hash from buds and dry leaves. You have to store them in the fridge and then introduce, little by little, 3 or 4 grams in it. Then, just shake it up and down.

After some shaking, you have to replace the weed to prevent rests of leaves from coming out, which would result in a bad quality extraction. 

Soon, the bottom the shaker will be filled with dry pollen, ready to be pressed or smoked as it is. If you press it and it doesn’t come together forming a single piece, it’s because you shook too much and rests of the leaves came through.


  • 11.5 cm tall
  • Base diameter: 8 cm.

WARNING! You must not use marbles, bearings or other similar objects to try to obtain more pollen. You’ll only get more rests of leaves coming out, resulting in a bad quality hash.

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