Pure Factory kit 5 bags (ice water extraction)


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These hashish water extraction bags are of the best quality, robust and large. There are 5 different microns sized bags to get some different purities.

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A 5 bag kit from the Pure Factory brand for extracting hashish with water and ice. With these mesh screens y it will be very easy to get different samples with different purities. It works quite simply, you should fill a bucket up with cold water. Water that is distilled or purified by osmosis will give you a better flavor. 

Put the ice in the water and wait for the temperature to drop to 2ºC before you add the plant matter, then stir it for about 10 minutes. Place your bags inside a different recipient, in a descending order. First the 220 microns, then inside this one goes the 185 microns, inside that will go the 90 microns, inside the 90 goes the 70 and inside the 70 goes the 38 microns mesh screen. 

After getting it all prepared, empty the bucket of the mix into the mesh screens, and then begin to take them out in order, letting the water drain out completely without pressing the mesh screens. In the 220 microns screen you’ll have bits of plant matter, but in the 185 microns screen you’ll already find hash, and lots more in the following screens. 

You can easily collect with a spoon the hash that is left in the screen, then leave it on a piece of cardboard or paper so that it dries out a little, letting the majority of the water it contains seep out, in one day it will dry out plenty

Later, you should grate it through a coarse food colander to turn it into dust and small shavings, this should allow it to dry completely, when you process it through the colander to a tray, and when a week has gone by more or less, it will be ready to press and consume. 

Dimensions and capacities:

  • 1 x 220 microns Mesh screen
  • 1 x 185 microns Mesh screen
  • 1 x 90 microns Mesh screen
  • 1 x 70 microns Mesh screen
  • 1 x 38 microns Mesh screen
  • A maximum capacity of 19 liters on each bag

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