Pollinator Spinner for hashish extraction


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Pollinator is a spinning type of washing machine for hashish extraction that will guarantee you some top quality extractions with the least amount of hassle possible.

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Pollinator is a spinning type of washing machine for extracting hashish in a dry method.

It’s very useful for users who are looking for a way to make good quality hashish, without the need to use gases or substances that may be potentially dangerous when you use them.

It comes with a cylinder inside where you will put the trimmings and buds, and by moving in a circulatory motion inside the machine, it will shake off all the trichomes to the bottom of the deposit.

It has two spinning speeds that you can select by way of a simple and easy-to-see switch situated on the front of the instrument. With the pack comes included a 132 microns screen that will allow you to put your plant matter in and begin the extraction of the product you crave.

Pollinator has a straining mesh screen that is synthetic and resistant to the kief and ideal for the grower. With Pollinator you can separate, gather and mix the kief from all types of plants, quickly and effectively.

This spinner comes with a straining screen that is resistant to the kief, ideal for any grower.

The best results are obtained with this table:

  • 1st quality= 5-10 minute cycle.
  • 2nd quality= 10-30 minute cycle.
  • 3rd quality= 30-60 minute cycle.
  • Low quality= 1-8 hour cycle.

Available in three sizes according to your needs:

  • 150 g capacity Pollinator.
  • 500 g capacity Pollinator.
  • 3 kg capacity Pollinator.

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