Workstation Table for Trimpro Rotor Trimmer


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A work table where you can set up your Trimpro Rotor and work with comfort and ease. Trimming your buds will now be easier on your Workstation table, especially designed for Trimpro trimmers.

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This work table by Workstation is especially designed for the Trimpro Rotor trimmers, and with it you will increase the efficiency of the cuts and the whole task, making it easier than ever, it will be ridiculously fast and comfortable.

Work on a steady table, made from the best materials, so that you can trim your buds with ease and comfort, and add even a little further comfort and ergonomics into the mix.

Put your Trimpro Rotor on the table, and all the leaves will end up in the bag that is included with the table. Apart from that, you will work less bothered by poor posture and painful positions to do this job because you will be working with the buds on a higher plane and that is much different than working on the floor.

Made from the best materials as we are accustomed to with the brand Trimpro, stainless steel so you can have this table for a long time!

It is very easy to clean, since very little will stick to it, and with a normal rag with a little alcohol you can leave it looking like new.



  • Assemble machine: 45.5cm x 45.5cm x 73cm
  • Packaging: 53.3cm x 53.3cm x 30.5cm


  • Approximate weight: 15kg


  • Grating material: Stainless steel
  • Structure material: Aluminum


  • Stainless Steel (STD): 6.35mm Openings


  • Do not apply pressure to the grating.
  • Never use scissors, knives or any other type of tool on the grating.
  • Do not put fingers, gloves or any other body part in contact with the grate or the blades.
  • One should always wear gloves and protective eyewear when operating CAREFUL

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Category Trimmer supplies and accessories Reference Workstation Trimpro Rotor EAN13 10002058 UPC 28

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