Workstation table made for Trimpro trimmers


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The Workstation table to be able to transform your Trimpro trimmer, you need to have another system for trimming, which is moving the buds with your hands at table level, instead of the ground.

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With this table for the Trimpro Original, you will totally change the way your trimmer works. Before, you had to pass the branches over it while it took off the leaves.

With this table, you should separate the buds from the branches, then put a considerable amount on the table, and you will have to give them plenty of turn with your hand as if you were mixing bingo balls, until they are left with no leaves.

All the leftover leaf trim ends up in a cloth bag depository that comes with the table, where you can later use them for doing hashish extraction.

Very safe to use, but we still recommend gloves to avoid any dangerous and unnecessary accidents when trimming.

It is quite easy to clean, and if you want to scrape it off for resin, be sure to use a wooden utensil, because if you use something metallic and scratch the surface, you will remove the non-stick surface and much more resin will end up sticking to these areas in the future.

This machine has several security systems to cut the electrical current if the top is open while it is in operation.

Convert your Trimpro Original in a Workstation, reducing the amount of work you will have to do.

Made of highly resistant steel.

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