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The standard, replacement grating for your Trimpro Original trimmer, that gives you two types of cut from the same piece of grating. A finer cut and a rougher cut to choose from according to the finish you want.

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The Standard replacement Mixed Grate for your Trimpro Original trimmer is the perfect tool to keep your manicuring machine always in top shape.

The grate is the element that has most contact with the plant matter, which is why, if you don’t clean it properly, the machine will begin to deteriorate quickly. The resin that cannabis generates is a very sticky element that is difficult at times and stubborn to remove, since it will stay stuck to the surface and generate a layer that will be responsible for making your Trimpro working incorrectly.

It is made of highly resistant aluminum and they added a layer of non-stick finish so that it lasts longer, notably increasing its lifespan. 

With this replacement you will have your trimmer at 100% again, to continue manicuring with a symmetrical and equitable cut. 

A finer cut and a rougher cut, thanks to the two different areas on the grating, allowing you to choose the diameter of the trim you desire.


Also for Trimpro Gasoline.

Width of the openings: 11mm.

Aluminum covered in a non-stick paint. 

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Category Trimmer supplies and accessories Reference Rejilla Trimpro Silencio EAN13 10002060 UPC 28

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