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The Trimpro Automatik XL bud trimmer will take charge with trimming the largest quantities of plants in very little time and all automatically, it’s like having a legion of friends trimming all your buds for you.

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Trimpro Automatik XL bud trimmer for larger dimensions and quantities, was designed for large harvests. Put your buds inside, without branches, and they’ll come out totally manicured without any leaves.

If their previous model wasn’t large enough for you, now with this XL edition, you will have more Trimpro than ever, which will let you manicure a much higher quantity of bud.

It’s simple and intuitive to work it, and it does not require any installation, all you have to do is plug it in and it will work. The machine you need for large scale production, since you can trim such a large quantity in very little time.

This machine is ideal for cannabis associations, since they generally deal with larger crops than average. 

To dry it, the best idea is to put it on a rack of some foldable drying screens, where you can better take advantage of the space. 

Very easy to clean and operate.



  • Assembled Machine: 99cm x 91cm x 129cm.
  • Packagine: 88.9cm x 88.9cm x 78.7cm.


  • Machine alone: 74 kilos
  • Machine and packaging: 88.6 kilos


  • Structure: Aluminum
  • Grating: Steel


  • Option 1: Trimpro Automatik XL (STD) : Larger openings of 11 mm.
  • Option 2: Trimpro Automatik XL small : Smaller openings of 6.3mm.

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