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With the Trimpro Automatik trimmer you will get the best quality manicure without any effort, capable of trimming many plants in very little time. Manicuring your plants has never been so easy.

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Trimpro Automatik is one of the largest and most stable trimmers that we have available at A machine that was designed for large harvests, where time is money and how fast you trim the product is important, and it will do just this with finished product in some record times.

Take your plants and cut the buds off, just removing the larger sections of branches, leaving the flower, and put them in a box.

When you have enough quantity, put it in the deposit of the Trimpro Automatik and wait a minute, you will soon notice how the buds are left without any leaves.

You’ll just have to open the chamber, and they’ll come out on their own, into your container of trimmed buds, put in more and continue the same process. You will end up trimming everything you have in just a few hours.

Store the remains in a waste container with a vacuum that can pick them up, after you can use this trim for doing cannabinoid extractions with the leftovers from your harvest.

This machine has 4 blades that are all totally adjustable in height, and a power dial to regulate the speed at which the machine works, more than anything, for the noise it produces.

It has security systems so that there aren’t any accidents and it is definitively, one of the best trimmers on the market.

It has a 3 phase motor with a speed adjustment knob, 4 adjustable height blades and an hermetic circular structure that creates a turbine effect, the Trimpro Automatik is the fastest and safest way to trim your plants.

To cut, separate the flowers freshly harvested from the branches, put them in the upper container of the machine and follow the instructions that come in the user’s manual.


  • Assembled Machine: 46cm x 62cm x 104cm
  • Packaging: 55.9cm x 55.9cm x 61cm


  • Approximate weight: 35.90 Kg


  • Structure: Aluminum
  • Grating: Steel


  • Automatik (STD) : 6.35mm Openings

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Category Trimmers Reference Trimpro Automatik EAN13 10146026 UPC 28

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