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Bud trimmer Trimpro Unplugged manual, that, by simply turning a lever, will leave your flowers without any leaves and it won't take hardly any effort. And it is very quiet.

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Trimpro Unplugged with its manual operation, is an excellent option for all of those growers who can’t permit themselves the luxury of buying an electric trimmer, since the price sky-rockets. With this alternative you will have the highest level of manicuring for a ridiculous price since this model is practically identical to the one that operates with electricity.

It has a noticeable reduction in the decibel level it emits, since it doesn’t have a noisy motor, which reduces by at least half the sound it generates, no matter how hard you crank the lever.

The blades have an adjustable height so you can trim to your liking. This way you can leave the buds quite trimmed or with just the right amount of leaf tips to get a more attractive manicure.

Turn the lever and you begin to operate the steel blades in your Trimpro trimmer, which will trim your buds’ leaves in the wink of an eye, in the least noisy and most discreet waypossible.

With a bit of patience, you can manicure large quantities in half the time if you compare this to the conventional way of trimming with scissors or directly by hand.

The most silent of the Trimpro trimmers.”



  • Assembled Machine: 35cm (diameter) x 30cm (38cm with lever)
  • Packaging: 36cm x 36cm x 32cm


  • Machine alone: 3.4 kilos
  • Machine and packaging: 4.1 kilos


  • Structure: Aluminum
  • Grating: Steel


  • Trimpro Unplugged (STD): Openings of 6.35mm


• One should always wear gloves and eye protection while operating. The gloves must be tight around the hand in order to not penetrate the openings of the grating. CAREFUL!

• Never press on the grating.

• Never use any type of scissors, knives or any other tool on the grating.

• Do not put fingers, gloves or any other part of the body in contact with the grating or the blades.

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