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Bloom Stimulator by BAC will give your plants a strong flowering boost, producing many flowers on your branches which will turn into long, beautiful, cola buds.

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Bloom Stimulator by BAC is a stimulator for the flowering phase that helps your plants create the structure they need in order to hold large quantities of buds. The premium grade ingredients activate the beneficial microorganisms in your growth medium, creating an army of microbes that will defend your plants against various diseases while simultaneously helping them to absorb all of the available nutrients in the substrate.

You should not use enzymes when you use BAC Bloom Stimulator because they interfere with each other, they cancel out their effects mutually and you will end up with pH level problems.

This product also cleans out your irrigation ducts, you’ll save yourself the trouble of having to buy a cleaning product, although it slightly alters the pH of the grow medium; you should keep this in mind if you want to keep that factor under control.

Bloom Stimulator gives life to your substrate. It accelerates flowering allowing the plant to absorb more nutrients available in the soil. It improves the flow of nutrients inside the plants helping to speed flowering and is effective even before switching the light period.

BAC Bloom Stimulator is 100% organic and can be used in any growth medium.

Dosage and how to use BAC Bloom Stimulator:

  • Add 1 to 2 ml per 10L of water and irrigate the last week of the growth phase and the first two of the flowering phase.

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