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Plant Vitality Plus by BAC is a plant-protector that can prevent and cure insect infestations. It prepares your plants against attacks and help them recover from stress, like red spider mites or fungi. It is applied directly to the leaves by foliar application.

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Plant Vitality Plus by BAC is a spray product for your plants that works to both prevent and cure stress, from everything from red spider mites to fungal attacks. It will strengthen the cell wall of your plants in such a way that the parasites will not be able to penetrate them and will prefer to attack other more susceptible plants.

For the proper absorption of the product by your plants, spray the underside of the leaves, from top to bottom. The underside of the leaves is much more porous than the top and will absorb the product better. It is recommended to spray in low light conditions, at dusk outdoors and just before the lights go out indoors to avoid burning your plants.

You can also spray it on the top layer of the substrate for an increased efficiency at the roots.

Use this product when your plants have suffered any sort of plague or excessive stress. With Plant Vitality Plus, they will regain any lost energy and vitality. It also serves as a preventive cure for problems with nutrition related stress, heat stress, transplant stress and also against mites.

Dosage and how to use:

  • Dilute 50ml/L of water and spray the leaves well on the top and bottom, in cases where it is used as a preventive, repeat the process every 15 days.
  • To combat against pests apply the same proportion, but repeat the process every 5 days.
  • In the situations where you may be defending the plant from the red spider or any other ground insect, it is recommended to also pulverize the top layer of the substrate, thus managing to totally eliminate any remaining egg or larva that has fallen from the leaves.

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