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Advanced Nutrients’ CarboLoad Liquid gives your plants the essential carbs they need to fatten up and create more resin – it’ll make for heftier results.

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Liquid Carboload by Advanced Nutrients is a combination of sugars and carbs that your plants absorb. It’ll make the buds heavier and denser, as well as improving their natural aroma.

Liquid Carboload by Advanced Nutrients can be mixed with all kinds of nutrients, although keep in mind that with just 1ml/L is enough to modify the EC in your water.

If you’re using Tarantula and Piranha you’ll see even better results as these products also need carbs to become much more effective, so you can increase the dosage to 2ml/L.

In order to see visible results from Liquid Carboload by Advanced Nutrients you don’t need to use too much of it – it’s good for your plants but it can’t be absorbed in large quantities.

How to use:

  • Add 1ml per liter of water with every secondary watering alongside the rest of your fertilizers.
  • Max. 2ml per liter during the flowering period.

Use after flipping the lights until you wash out the roots.

Composition of Carboload Advanced Nutrients:

  • Glucose: 12%
  • Xylose: 8%
  • Xantan rubber: 0,45%
  • Water: 79,55%

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