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Iguana Juice Grow is a 100% organic fertilizer that’ll make your plants grow like they’ve never grown before; it makes for green, healthy plants with short internodes, perfectly prepared for an intense flowering period.

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Iguana Juice Grow by Advanced Nutrients is a 100% organic nutrient solution that has over 80 natural ingredients specifically chosen for cannabis plants. It’ll induce root growth which in turn makes your plant grow much taller, absorbing everything you feed it.

Iguana Juice Grow prepares your plants for the flowering period with strong stems, short internodes and healthy roots, making for compact plants capable of yielding lots of flowers.

Iguana Juice Grow is specifically designed for growing indoors, as it can sometimes be hard to grow organically indoors, although it also gives amazing results outdoors in flowerpots and planted straight into the ground.

During the last few growing weeks you can start adding a bit of Nirvana to your nutrient solution, stimulating root growth and accelerating your plants metabolism so that they’re fully prepared for the flowering period. Its trunks and stems will grow nice and thick, as well as the branches.

If you use Iguana Juice Grow during the growth period you’ll be able to intensify these results, as they’re made to be used one after the other for optimal results.

Dosage and how to use Organic Iguana Juice Bloom by Advanced Nutrients:

  • Add 4ml per liter of water during the growth period.
  • Add 2ml per liter when your plants have less than three sets of leaves.
  • Add 1ml per liter for saplings and recently-rooted cuttings.

  Organic Composition of Iguana Juice Grow by Advanced Nutrients:

  • Nitrogen 3%
  • Phosphorous 1%
  • Potassium 3%
  • Derived from Alfalfa extract.
  • Beer Yeast extract.
  • Fish Meal .
  • Kelp Meal.
  • Yucca extract.

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