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Grow stronger, heftier plants with Rhino Skin. Reinforce your plants’ cell walls, protecting them from heat, pests and fungi.

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Rhino Skin is a product used in cannabis grows in order to protect plants, giving your plants’ cell walls a sort of silicate armor, making them much sturdier; your plants will easily be able to hold up their hefty buds without their branches braking.

Silicon is quite a common element found in the earth, although when it comes to hydroponic grows it’s almost non-existent. This product is designed to for growers that need an extra little bit of silicon in their grow.

It makes for strong, sturdy and high-yielding plants in hydroponics systems, where they tend to grow with much weaker roots. It works well for all areas, both indoors and outdoors, especially in hotter climates as it also protects your plants from too much heat and bad weather.

With Rhino Skin you can reinforce your plants with a nice layer of silicates around their cell walls, acting like a sort of second skin – your plants will brush off heat with ease and be almost entirely protected against pests and fungi.

It grows strong, sturdy trunks that can easily deal with heavy, thick buds. Due to having stronger branches your plants will actually grow even more buds, so this product also increases size and yield.

Dosage and how to use Rhino Skin by Advanced Nutrients:

  • 2ml per liter of water from the 1st flowering week to the 6th


  • Potassium silicate 0.4%
  • Dioxide silicate 0.15%

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