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Sensizym is a combination of enzymes that break down the organic material in your plants’ substrate, turning any residues into carbs that can be absorbed by your plants.

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Sensizym by Advanced Nutrients is an enzyme complex designed to turn all of the organic materials that your plants can’t absorb from the substrate into molecules that their roots can absorb. This product is a bit more concentrated than other similar products from other brands, so it’ll last much longer. It contains various specific enzymes chosen so that any organic or mineral salt residues in your plants’ substrate or watering system can be absorbed once again by your plants.

You can use it in hydroponic systems in your watering tank as a preventive measure; it’ll stop salts accumulating and your fertilizers won’t go off or turn toxic. The enzymes in this product basically recycle toxic or useless molecules, as well as dead plant roots, turning them into absorbable nutrients for your plants.

Sensizym can be used with the rest of Advanced Nutrients products – these manufacturers have a practical grow chart that you can follow in order to give the best results.

Dosage and how to use:

Apply 2ml/L of Sensizym during the flowering phase alongside the rest of your Advanced Nutrients products.

Sensizyme by Advanced Nutrients contents:

  • Beta-glucanase.
  • Cellulase.
  • Xylanase.

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