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Atazyme by ATA recycles your plants’ old roots, decomposing them and turning them into sugars that your plants can absorb during the flowering period.

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Atazyme by ATA is a combination of enzymes that decompose any organic material in your growing medium. Plant and root residues will be transformed into nutrients that your plants can absorb, increasing new root growth and giving your plants plenty of energy to grow new flowers.

This product is usually used on a weekly basis in order to prevent illnesses in your plants’ roots. Towards the end you can increase the dosage slightly so that your plants can get the most out of the nutrients in their soil during the last few flowering weeks. It can be used with any other fertilizer by other brands in soil, coco coir, hydroponics and aeroponics. When combined with Atami’s products, however, you’re guaranteed fantastic results.

When using Atazyme you can also avoid over-fertilizing your plants; its enzymes allow your plants roots to grow strong and healthy, capable of absorbing surprising amounts of fertilizers. This makes for a stronger growth period and enormous plants. When your plants start flowering you’ll notice the buds growing ridiculously fast.

Atazyme also keeps your irrigation pipes nice and clean and it stimulates micro-organisms such as beneficial fungi and bacteria that live in your plants’ substrate.

You can check the manufacturers feeding chart to find out the exact dosages your plants need.

It can be used to reuse substrate such as coco coir or soil – simply mix the old stuff with 50% new substrate and use Atazyme from the start.

Dosage and how to use Atazyme by ATA:

  • Add 2ml per liter of water in your plants’ flowering period.


  • Natural enzymes extracted from plants.

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